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slip and fall accident lawyer calgary trevor fordTrevor Ford has been a slip and fall accident injury lawyer in Calgary for over 30 years.

Slip and fall injury law is an area that requires experience and knowledge of the relevant statutes and case law. The Occupiers Liability Act requires that premises be kept reasonably safe for visitors. If you suffer a fall and the condition of the premises was not reasonably maintained, you may have an action against the occupier. In these types of cases, it is extremely important to gather as much information about the accident as possible. The evidence of independent witnesses and photographic evidence from the scene of the accident are usually crucial in the success of a case. 


Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer – Calgary
30 years of slip and fall injury law experience
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Document Your Slip & Fall Accident

In the event you a suffer a slip and fall injury in Calgary, you should photograph the scene, gather the names and phone numbers of witnesses, and report the accident to the occupier, if possible. 

The success of a slip and fall claim will also depend on the medical evidence and record of treatment received by the victim. It is imperative that the victim follow the medical advice of their doctors, and diligently adhere to treatment plans. 

Slip and fall injuries occurring on icy streets and sidewalks in Calgary must be documented in a meticulous manner. The courts in Alberta are sensitive to the prevailing melting and freezing patterns of our weather. 

Generally, you must file an action within two years of the date of the slip and fall injury. The Limitations Act suspends the limitation date for filing in the case of minors or persons who are incapacitated. Limitations for filing are a complex area of law, and failure start an action in time can be fatal to your case. If you have suffered an injury you should contact Trevor Ford Law without delay. 

Trevor Ford has a proven record of handling many slip and fall cases to successful resolution. If you have suffered a slip and fall injury and are not sure whether you have a valid claim, contact Trevor Ford for a free consultation. 

Common Slip & Fall Accident Questions:

Will a homeowner be liable if they do not clean their sidewalk in the winter?

Calgary city bylaws require homeowners to remove snow and ice from their sidewalk within 24 hours after the snow or ice has been deposited. However, failure to follow the bylaw is not sufficient grounds for a civil action. Generally, it must be established that the homeowner was negligent in the maintenance of their property for liability ensue. For example, allowing an eavestrough to leak onto a sidewalk creating an icy hazard could result in liability. 

If I sue a homeowner, will they be liable to personally pay damages?

Generally, most homeowners carry home insurance which includes coverage for personal injury liability. 

Can I still make a claim if the I was partially at fault?

If more than one person is at fault in a slip and fall accident, there will be an apportionment of blame based on comparative blameworthiness, and damages will be awarded accordingly. 

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Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer – Calgary
30 years of slip and fall injury law experience
Calgary Personal Injury Lawyer – free consultations

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